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Trimble VRS Now service to be launched in Great Britain

California, 29 March 2006: Trimble announced it would launch its new Trimble VRS Now service for Great Britain in May. The commercial service provides surveyors, civil engineers and geospatial professionals with instant access to real-time kinematic (RTK) GPS corrections without the need for a base station. Using data from OS Net, the nationwide GPS network operated by Great Britain’s mapping agency Ordnance Survey, the Trimble service delivers centimetre-level RTK positioning customized for each GPS receiver’s exact location anywhere in the network. The Trimble VRS Now service will supply fast and accurate GPS positioning for a variety of applications including surveying, urban planning, urban and rural construction, environmental monitoring, resource and territory management, disaster prevention and relief, and scientific research.

The announcement was made at the World of Geomatics 2006, the United Kingdom’s largest exhibition showcasing measuring, mapping and managing geospatial information technologies. Neil Ackroyd, Ordnance Survey’s Director of Data Collection and Management said, “The Trimble VRS Now service is a prime example of OS Net being an enabler to support commercial GPS applications across the country. While Ordnance Survey will maintain the accuracy and quality of geodetic calculation within the network, we are delighted that Trimble will use their expertise and resources to derive added value for their customers through the new service.”

“Trimble VRS Now is the first commercial GPS infrastructure service offering from Trimble and represents an important milestone for our Connected Survey Site model,” said Jürgen Kliem, general manager for Trimble’s Survey Division. “Our goal is to streamline the work of surveying businesses and increase productivity by enhancing the synergies among tools, techniques, services and relationships, which build a Connected Survey Site.”

For more than two years, Ordnance Survey has exclusively used Trimble VRS software to operate its GPS network, which covers approximately 229,957 square kilometers (142,888 square miles). Users will connect into the system using a wireless connection; the software acknowledges the users’ field positions and allows them to operate as though there is a reference station—a virtual reference station—right next to their rover.
Utilizing this system, surveyors and civil engineers can tap into centimetre-level or differential GPS (DGPS) corrections anytime, anywhere within the RTK network. Trimble VRS Now represents a major advance in precision surveying productivity. No longer dependant on a field base station, precision GPS surveys can be up and running in minutes. And without the need for base station hardware, the user’s GPS receivers can now work independently as rovers—saving time and money.

A subscription to Trimble VRS Now and a GPS rover is all a user needs to begin surveying or collecting data with Trimble precision. Surveyors and other users can switch on their receiver and real-time corrections will be available in seconds. In most cases, no further GPS investment is necessary. Trimble VRS Now works with nearly all GPS and Global Navigation Satellite System(GNSS) survey instruments from a variety of manufacturers.