Trimble updates surveying and GNSS processing tools

Trimble updates surveying and GNSS processing tools


Cologne, Germany: Trimble introduced updated versions of GPScorrect extension for Esri ArcPad and the Trimble GPS Analyst extension for Esri ArcGIS Desktop. The company also introduced additions to its portfolio of Connected Site survey solutions for the field and office. The announcement was made at INTERGEO 2010.

GPScorrect extension
Updated versions of GPScorrect extension now support the latest Esri technology. The updated versions provide tools to post-process GPS data seamlessly inside a personal geodatabase. Incorporating the Trimble DeltaPhase differential correction technology, the extension offers a seamless workflow for field data collection software including ArcPad and Trimble TerraSync software. They are also customisable with Esri ArcObjects, allowing users with custom field applications to integrate GPS Analyst extension’s powerful data processing tools. In addition, users can capture data directly into the geodatabase by taking Esri ArcGIS with the GPS Analyst extension into the field.

Connected Site
The enhanced tools of Connected Site allow surveyors to collect, share and deliver data faster to improve accuracy, efficiency and productivity. Additions to the survey portfolio include Trimble Access Integrated Surveying software for the Trimble Tablet PC, enhancements to Trimble Business Center Software and new advanced features for Trimble 4D Control Monitoring Solution.

Trimble Access for Integrated Surveying is also available on the Trimble Tablet Rugged PC. The Trimble Tablet is an advanced field controller and offers surveyors a high-resolution, 7-inch touch screen. The Trimble Tablet is a complete extension of the office allowing surveyors to run all Windows applications in the field. Features include flexible communications, GPS navigation and cameras and additional computing power to enable in-field functions such as volume calculations.

Trimble Business Center Software is a complete surveying office suite designed to manage, analyse and process all field survey data, including data from optical instruments (total stations and levels), GPS/GNSS and spatial stations (imaging and 3D scanning data).

Version 2.40 advances the capabilities of surveying offices with key new functionality. Enhanced GNSS baseline processing improves reliability in adverse GNSS conditions. It automates conversion of files from Trimble Geomatics Office for easy updates. Automated creation of Trimble Connected Community directories simplifies the sharing of surveying data and project management.

Trimble 4D Control software is a comprehensive solution for both real-time and post-processed monitoring. The new features for Trimble 4D Control include support for geotechnical sensors and a user-friendly Web Module. The Web Interface module can centralise multiple monitoring sites into one dedicated control room or simply enable distributed access to the system within an organisation. In addition, the Web Module can connect up to four user-defined internal or external links (URLs), enabling direct access to on-site webcams or weather station results.

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