Trimble, Ryder team up for vehicle technology solutions

Trimble, Ryder team up for vehicle technology solutions


Trimble Rider team up for Fleet Management solutionsUS: Trimble and Ryder have signed a partnership to equip UK Ministry of Defence's administrative vehicles with Trimble’s GeoManager Fleet Management, Driver Safety and vehicle diagnostics solutions.

As part of a four-year agreement, Ryder has equipped the MoD fleet of vehicles with field service management solutions to more efficiently manage its fleet utilization, reduce costs and improve driver safety.

Ryder is a leader in commercial vehicle rental, contract hire and maintenance, providing and managing the fleet of administrative vehicles for the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) based in Germany.

The GeoManager Fleet Management system offers MoD and Ryder with real-time visibility into day-to-day fleet operations, enabling them to identify, manage and improve key areas such as vehicle utilization, maintenance planning and customer service to optimize the overall cost of transport by reducing fuel costs, fleet size, spot hire spend and CO2 emissions.

The implementation of Trimble Driver Safety will enable the MoD to review driving behaviour across its fleet. In-vehicle diagnostics has also been included to produce real-time data so information can be drawn directly from the vehicle. Diagnostics information incorporates obtaining fault codes and alerts about engine-related issues, and obtaining real-time data on fuel consumption for exact fuel use can be monitored.

Through efficient management of its fleet through vehicle diagnostics, Ryder and the MoD will be able to better manage their assets, boost productivity and performance, including minimal risk of mechanical failures.

John Cameron, General Manager of Trimble’s Field Service Management Division said, “Along with providing state-of-the-art telematics solutions, Trimble is focused on delivering valued customer support."

Source: Trimble