Trimble reaches out to Sri Lanka

Trimble reaches out to Sri Lanka


Colombo, Sri Lanka: Strengthening its presence in Sri Lanka, Trimble Navigation organised Abhinava Sri Lanka 2010, a roadshow in Colombo, Sri Lanka to showcase latest Trimble technology solutions across a range of industries such as building construction, heavy and highway construction, construction tools, survey, alignment planning, infrastructure, mapping and GIS, utilities including oil & gas, electric and water, GNSS, high precision 3D geospatial imagery, fleet, field service and asset management under one roof.

The elegant ceremony which began with the traditional lamp lighting was graced by Hon. Janaka Bandara Tennakoon, Minister of Land and Land Development, Sri Lanka. In his inaugural address, Tytus Jayawardhena, Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum Industries, Sri Lanka appreciated the solutions and systems provided by Trimble and remarked that Trimble could not have found a better time than now to launch their business in this part of the world, with oil exploration in the nation reaching crucial stages. He observed that if the nation does discover oil, the socio-economic environment of the entire country would be transformed, and Trimble through its services could have a significant contribution in this transformation.

Oil exploration is not the only activity where Trimble can have a role to play, according to him. There are a lot of construction activities taking place in Northern and Eastern parts of the country, and even within Colombo also. He observed that with the country having been liberated from terrorism due to bold decisions of His Excellency the President of Sri Lanka, the country is now witnessing an economic warfare but technologies like those from Trimble can help improve levels of productivity. He assured Trimble all type of supports to enable the company to go from strength to strength.

Tracing the origin of the company, Steve Berglund, CEO, Trimble, remarked that technological innovation has been one of the key principles of the company. Another principle of the company has been to follow users and their requirements, and being a solutions provider not a product company. It has been the company’s willingness to listen that has brought it to Sri Lanka, to see how the company can be supportive of the situation in the country.  Talking about offering solutions for infrastructure, Steve observed that the company’s origin has its roots in surveying instruments. He said that the company seeks to work towards infrastructure development, hopes that it is in a position to listen and learn and contribute towards and be an active participant in the infrastructure development of the country.

Presentations on a wide variety of Trimble solutions following Steve’s address aimed to showcase how Trimble can be an active participant in this development process. The presentation on Quantm System and Trimble Planning Solutions highlighted how Quantm enables infrastructure planners to maintain project momentum. The presentation Mobile Solutions for Growing Economies informed about Trimble GeoManager solution and how it can contribute towards containing pilferage, fuel management, asset realisation including both the truck and what is travelling in it, and work intelligence.

The Survey Overview emphasised the company’s vision of tailoring solutions to user requirements. The section focussed on Integrated Surveying and financial gains accrued by Trimble IS Rover. The presentation also shed light on Trimble’s survey solutions for tunnelling, monitoring, roads, railways, mining, seismic and architecture.
It was observed during the presentation session that the key users of geospatial technologies in Sri Lanka are in alignment with global markets in terms of verticals. Hence a presentation showcased some projects in these verticals, like water, power and road construction, from across the world incorporating Trimble technologies, as they have bearings in Sri Lanka also. Interesting audio visuals of these case studies kept the audience glued to the possibilities offered by Trimble solutions.

Another presentation gave information on SITECH Worldwide Support – a Trimble brand name for certain dealerships who distribute solutions to heavy and highway contractors. Features and benefits of e-Cognition Software Suite, recently acquired by Trimble, were highlighted in the presentation session. A new division within the Trimble family is the construction tools, the features of which were elaborated upon. Benefits of Trimble Building Constructor were offered, while informing that Trimble offers solutions in various stages of construction. The audience was informed about the New Depth Display System which the company is bringing to Sri Lanka for the first time. The audience was also informed about radio products from Pacific Crest, a radio company from Trimble.

The event, promising to live up to its theme of Accelerating Growth and Development by Discovering the Latest Trimble technologies, generated many potential users keen to enhance efficiencies in their processes through these technologies, while strengthening existing users, and ended on a light note with a lucky draw for the audience, two of whom won digital cameras.

Source: Our correspondent