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Trimble provides seismic vault-quality data in a lightweight and compact sensor

US: Trimble has introduced the portable REF TEK Colt broadband seismometer that provides high-quality data for scientists and academics using seismic networks to conduct earth movement studies.

The announcement was made at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) 2018 Fall Meeting.

Working in combination with a Trimble or third-party seismic data recorder, the REF TEK Colt sensor enables scientific and academic researchers to study local, regional and global seismicity to learn more about the physics of earthquakes and to gain a deeper understanding of plate tectonics. The Colt can be used in Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) applications as well as in monitoring and cataloging earthquake activity.

The small, lightweight, vault quality Colt sensor weighs only 12 pounds and can easily be carried in one hand or in a backpack. During transit, a shock resistant housing and robust automatic mass locking system protects the internal components. In addition, the Colt’s low-power consumption means fewer batteries are required for portable or permanent vault deployments.

The REF TEK Colt’s exceptional performance makes the sensor ideal for a wide range of seismic monitoring applications. The seismometer operates with low self-noise and features a large dynamic range to enable the sensor to quietly observe and measure high-quality ground motion data. The Colt sets a new industry standard for low noise performance in a compact form factor.

The sensor also provides unique alignment tools for quick field setup. Successful setups depend on precise directional alignment; the REF TEK Colt makes that easy with north/south pointers installed in the base of the unit to make orientation to the scribe line effortless.

“Scientific and academic researchers require light-weight, compact, portable sensors that enable quick deployment while maintaining vault-quality data performance. The REF TEK Colt is an economical sensor with industry-leading performance,” said Shawn Hilliard, business area director of Trimble Monitoring Solutions. “Its noise performance is exceptional in this size category and the ease of use and installation makes this a versatile instrument, providing research scientists with robust data, and enabling our customers to do more with their budgets.”