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Trimble Offers Complimentary Version of Visibility Platform to its Existing Transportation Customers

Trimble has announced that many of its carrier customers now have complimentary access to a selection of key tools found in its industry-leading Visibility platform.

This new version of the Visibility solution utilizes data pulled in from Trimble’s Transportation Management System (TMS) and Mobility solutions to give carriers access to real-time freight tracking information. This complimentary version is available for customers using a combination of Trimble Mobility solutions and any of the following Trimble TMS platforms: Innovative, TMW.Suite and TruckMate.

Carriers will be able to view, track and better manage their customers’ shipments through Visibility. The platform also enables users to individually share tracking views with customers via hyperlinks and text messages— taking the guesswork out of proactive communications with shippers and managing exceptions for operations and sales teams.

“By introducing this complimentary version of Trimble Visibility for our customers, we are providing our users with a platform to improve freight visibility and enhance how they serve their customers,” said Bryan Coyne, general manager of Visibility for Trimble Transportation. “l believe carriers should have access to the same data as third-party tracking services, not only to level the playing field but also to allow Trimble carriers to set themselves apart in a competitive market.”

Trimble’s Premium version of the Visibility platform provides carriers with enhanced options for visibility into their operations featuring a secure, real-time information platform. Its features include: integrations to non-Trimble TMS solutions, dynamic ETAs, proactive weather and risk alerts, rich data down to the SKU level, temperature control tracking, exception management and final mile functionalities, efficient workflow automation, and the same user-friendly interface as the basic version.

“As consumers, we expect transparency and immediacy of data—and Trimble’s enterprise supply chain solutions now offer that same experience as a standard feature for our transportation customers,” Coyne added. “Trimble Visibility is an excellent value-add to carriers’ service offerings that can empower fleets to meet shippers’ demands for real-time freight tracking.”

Trimble customers who use other TMS solutions will also have access to the solution as well as the Premium version of the Visibility platform, which includes enhanced capabilities such as customized shared views and shared notifications, and is available to all carriers and shippers at a cost.

The introduction of this complimentary access to Trimble’s Visibility platform was made at Trimble’s 2019 in.sight user conference + expo, which is taking place from Sept. 15-18 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston. The three-day event features the leading companies from the transportation and logistics industries who will showcase the latest technologies.