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Trimble to Offer DotProduct DPI-8 Handheld 3D Scanner for Building Construction Jobsites

Trimble announced that it will distribute DotProduct’s DPI-8 handheld 3D scanner as part of a shared objective to make 3D scanning more accessible to the building design and construction market. The addition of DotProduct technology diversifies Trimble’s professional portfolio of 3D scanning solutions with an easy-to-use, cost-effective handheld for 3D data capture.

The announcement was made at the SPAR International Conference, which focuses on 3D measurement and imaging technologies for industrial facilities; building, architecture and construction; and civil infrastructure.

Simplify Point Cloud Capture Processes
The DPI-8 lowers the cost and technology barriers for increased adoption of 3D scanning in the construction market and simplifies the process of collecting “as-built” data that is required to effectively manage building projects. As a handheld solution, the DPI-8 enables contractors, engineers, field managers and site inspectors to capture and process accurate, high-quality, as-built spatial data even in the challenging physical environment of a building construction jobsite. The self-contained, lightweight design incorporating a 3D depth sensor and a commercial-grade Android tablet allows one-hand operation for ease, speed and safety. The solution is powered by DotProduct’s Phi.3D software, which provides users with data-quality feedback while scanning and makes it simple for novice users to produce accurate point clouds directly in the field. Advanced compression technology simplifies the ability to pack and share point cloud data with key stakeholders offsite. 

Streamlined Workflows Produce Professional Deliverables
The DPI-8 enables users to verify as-built conditions in difficult-to-reach or obstructed locations that tripod-mounted scanners can’t reach and where tethered, multi-device models are unsafe to operate. Because the system produces accurate and complete point clouds directly onboard, distance measurements between objects—such as the deflection of weight-carrying beams—can be performed on site without the use of an offsite desktop solution.

Trimble and DotProduct have developed a tight integration between the DPI-8 and Trimble® RealWorks® point cloud modeling software to process as-built data, combine complex data sets, and generate advanced 3D construction deliverables. The integrated workflow between the two solutions enables field and project engineers to augment existing scans with data from areas and angles that are only accessible via a handheld scanning solution. 

“Scanners, the point cloud data they generate, and the intelligent integration of this data within highly accurate and constructible 3D models deliver significant value to building construction—but cost and complexity have prevented more widespread adoption,” said Jim McCartney, market manager, field solutions and mobility for Trimble Building’s General Contractor/Construction Manager Division. “We’re excited to bring more accessible scanning and imaging solutions to the market that can stimulate the broader use of 3D laser scanning among construction users.” 

The DPI-8 incorporates DotProduct’s innovative, Append technology, which enables users to capture and automatically register multiple scans on the tablet. This allows for interruptions during scanning sessions with the ability to stitch related scans together for improved visualisation and usability.  

“Interest in our technology and products by industry leaders like Trimble is a tremendous validation of our strategy,” said Brian Ahern at DotProduct. “Collaborating with Trimble will enable us to continue to expand our offerings and innovate with technology that solves real-world customer challenges.”

The DPI-8 solution is now available worldwide through Trimble and its authorised distribution partners, including the BuildingPoint network. Additional product information is available at: www.trimble.com/construction/DPI-8-Handheld-Scanner.

Source: Trimble