Trimble launches new version of its Manhattan IWMS software for real estate...

Trimble launches new version of its Manhattan IWMS software for real estate portfolio management


US: Trimble has announced the version 35 of its Manhattan Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS). The new version includes a completely restyled user interface (UI), which has been designed to place a much greater emphasis on efficiency, ease-of-use and user productivity.

Manhattan IWMS is a modular, enterprise software solution for planning, managing and optimizing an organization’s real estate portfolio. Manhattan is designed for the entire facility lifecycle to streamline processes, improve control, maximize resource utilization and help reduce total costs.

Trimble’s Manhattan version 35 provides new features and enhancements including:

  • New Visual Design
    Latest release gives Manhattan a modern visual design that includes a fresh color scheme, updated icons and fonts, and re-styled field representation on forms. In addition, all reports now automatically display explanatory legends designed to enhance their search capability.
  • Search-Based Navigation 
    The introduction of search-based navigation is one of several new features that will enable users to interact even more efficiently with the system. The search capability gives users a much faster and easier way of finding what they are looking for. It replaces the traditional multi-level menu structures that are still used by many other IWMS products on the market.
  • Web Browser-Style Tabs
    Manhattan’s new UI also provides a more productive tab-based method of organizing a user’s screen when multiple records need to be opened during a browsing session. Instead of each additional form or report appearing in a separate window, Manhattan’s new web browser-style tabs allow users to have an unlimited number of functions open at the same time without cluttering the screen.

“Trimble’s new Manhattan user interface release is a timely move,” said Susan Clarke, senior analyst at Verdantix, an independent research and consulting firm with a focus on innovative technologies that optimize business operations. “The IWMS sector is ramping up investment in UIs so that the software becomes more engaging and intuitive for end-users. This is good news for buyers as it means faster time to value, less investment in training and more engagement from non-specialists.”

“After listening to feedback from the market, we’ve introduced changes that we believe put Manhattan ahead of other solutions in terms of our focus on ease of use, efficient interaction and user productivity,” said David George, general manager of Real Estate & Workplace Solutions at Trimble. “The new Manhattan UI gives users an easier and more effective way to navigate and organize the tools they need to work in Manhattan. Our development team worked hard to turn our customers’ input into positive changes to the user experience.”