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Trimble launches new imaging solutions to improve invoicing for trucking companies

Trimble announced the launch of its TMW Mobile Imaging and TMW.Suite Cloud Imaging products. The two products were created with an integration to TMW Suite, which helps relieve manual document collection and management processes. The announcement was made at Trimble’s third annual in.sight user conference + expo.

TMW Mobile Imaging is designed to alleviate disruptions to freight settlement. This product is ideal for carriers who have a large number of images that are incorrectly matched to loads. The integrated system matches captured images to the correct load based on required data in the Transportation Management System (TMS), which enhances accuracy. An additional benefit is that it pairs with TMW.Suite Cloud Imaging to help simplify the classification process once a document has been sent from TMW Mobile Imaging. This can transform the laborious process of indexing documents and allows processing to be done immediately.

TMW.Suite Cloud Imaging is an easy-to-adopt imaging solution for document retrieval, indexing, and rendition invoice printing. Because the product is solely cloud based, it can scale to fit the needs of customers as their business needs continue to grow. The solution enables drivers to upload images to the cloud directly from their phones through TMW Go!, TruckMate Dash or Innovative In-motion mobile apps.

“The integration of these two new solutions will simplify the work for both dispatchers and drivers,” said Ray West, senior vice president and general manager of TMS solutions, Trimble Transportation Enterprise. “By using both products side-by-side, drivers can use Mobile Imaging to focus more on completing deliveries safely and less about the billing, while the dispatchers can access the information from anywhere because it’s completely SaaS based.”

Key features of the TMW Mobile Imaging solution include:

  • Improves the accuracy of matching paperwork to the loads; manual paperwork matching tends to lead to a high number of mismatches.
  • Reduces days sales outstanding by easily capturing all images at the moment of discovery and auto indexes, enabling immediate processing and faster payment.
  • Reduces billing errors and disputes by tracking documents all the way through the TMS, so processing is efficient and simple.
  • Improves driver satisfaction by enabling drivers to focus more on safely delivering freight on time and less on the paperwork.

Key features of the TMW.Suite Cloud Imaging solution include:

  • Simple adoption as a fully SaaS based solution and easy to add to a TMW platform.
  • Boosts customer satisfaction because users can leverage the rendition printing feature by automatically including the required documents for the billing purposes.

“The two solutions will revolutionize how both the drivers and back-office employees do their jobs,” said West. “We are excited to share more about the offering to the attendees at in.sight.”

The 2018 in.sight user conference + expo is taking place from September 9 – 12 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston. Hosted by Trimble, the three-day event features the leading companies from the transportation and logistics industries who will showcase the latest and greatest technologies.