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Trimble introduces SiteVision GPS System for excavators

Trimble has introduced a new version of its field proven SiteVision® GPS machine guidance and control system designed for excavating equipment. The system allows machine operators to accurately perform earthmoving operations by placing the site design in the cab and using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. It provides users with measurable benefits and quick return on investment by reducing rework and allowing contractors to complete jobs more quickly and accurately.

The original version of SiteVision GPS was introduced to the market in 1999 as a machine guidance system for use on dozers only. Since that time, Trimble has introduced many enhancements to the system, including machine control capabilities for dozers and motor graders. Today, customers enjoy the benefits of 3D guidance and control across the complete fleet of earthmoving equipment including dozers, scrapers, motor graders and now, excavators.

During the three years SiteVision GPS system has been in the field, operators have realized significant benefits, including productivity improvements up to 30 percent, reduced rework and the elimination of certain steps in the construction process. Operators using the new SiteVision GPS for Excavators for mass excavation are expected to realize similar benefits.

SiteVision GPS for Excavators is especially beneficial on larger projects where the machine is operating as part of a fleet of 3D-equipped earthmoving machines. The field-proven system offers a quick return on investment and significantly improved profitability for a range of contractors. Benefits include:

  • In-cab job control
  • Faster job cycles
  • Less rework
  • Lower operating costs
  • Improved material usage
  • Avoid obstructions

Key features of SiteVision for Excavators include:

Linear Encoders
High-speed linear encoders provide data used to compute the position of the excavator’s boom, stick and bucket. Measuring the current position of each hydraulic cylinder provides instant and accurate position information with no settling time.

Profile View
This feature allows the operator to view the long section of the design. The profile of the machine is drawn to scale. The profile view is especially useful if the bucket is underwater or otherwise not visible from the cab.

Plan View
The plan view allows the operator to easily view the current position of the machine relative to the digital design of the job, including the position of any structures, avoidance areas or design elements.

Guidance to Line-Work
Using the light bars for left/right and forward/back guidance to design line-work allows the operator to select a line on the plan view to follow. Regardless of the orientation of the machine, the bucket position is indicated relative to that line reducing or eliminating the need for staking.

The SiteVision GPS for Excavators system will be available in June 2002 through Trimble’s Engineering & Construction Division dealer network.