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Trimble Introduces New Embedded GPS Timing Receiver to Keep Systems in Sync

Trimble introduced a new embedded GPS receiver for timing applications-the Resolution(TM) T receiver. With major advancements in performance, ease of integration and software flexibility, the Resolution T receiver enables system integrators to add precise GPS or Universal Time Coordinate (UTC) time and synchronization to many products where cost or size had previously been a limitation.

The Resolution T receiver will be showcased at the Precise Time and Time Interval (PTTI) show in Washington, D.C.

The Resolution T provides a low-cost, easy to use, highly accurate and reliable GPS timing source for the telecommunications, broadcast synchronization, power transmission and wireless industries.

Prior to the Resolution T receiver, many timing applications used smart antennas for system synchronization. The small, 3.3 volt receiver now enables integrators to embed precise GPS timing in their actual application.

Timing features of the Resolution T receiver include: Automatic Self-Survey to ensure accurate reference position for improved timing accuracy; the Overdetermined Timing Mode provides an extremely accurate 1 PPS synchronized to GPS/UTC better than 15 nanoseconds (one sigma); Timing Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (TRAIM) to assure high PPS integrity in Overdetermined Timing Mode; and other features. The modular design also allows for reduced integration time and low implementation risk.

In addition, Trimble’s Resolution T receiver can greatly increase network security. Implementation completely inside the network firewall allows for an independent, traceable and dependable GPS timing and synchronization source for the ultimate in network security without an Internet connection.