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Trimble introduces integrated seismic and geodetic system

Trimble-SG160-09-SeismoGeodetic-SystemTurkey: Trimble has announced the release of SG160-09 SeismoGeodetic system, which integrates GNSS reference receiver, broadband seismic recorder and a force-balance triaxial accelerometer for infrastructure and accurate scientific applications.The Company announced this at the Second European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (2ECEES) in Istanbul.

The SG160-09 provides real-time GNSS positioning and seismic data for earthquake early warning and volcano monitoring as well as infrastructure monitoring for bridges, dams, buildings, and various natural and manmade structures.

The system integrates seismic recording with GNSS geodetic measurement in a single compact, ruggedized package. It includes a low-power, 220-channel GNSS receiver powered by the latest Trimble-precise Maxwell 6 technology and supports tracking of both GPS and GLONASS signals plus the Galileo E1 frequency.

Based on Trimble RTX technology, the service utilizes satellite clock and orbit information delivered over cellular networks or Internet Protocol (IP), allowing cm-level position displacement tracking in real-time anywhere in the world.

The internally built accelerometer has +/- 4g full scale output, large linear range, high resolution and sensitivity, which makes it ideal for both portable and permanent deployment.

Ulrich Vollath, general manager for Trimble's Infrastructure Division said, " "Trimble has developed a combined state-of-the-art GNSS receiver with a high-dynamic range, low-noise accelerometer that provides dynamic monitoring with the flexibility required for today and tomorrow's challenges."

Source: Trimble