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Trimble introduces Clarity ‘Members’

Trimble’s online point cloud sharing and collaboration platform – Trimble Clarity – has rolled out a new feature, Members. ‘Members’ allows you to invite others into your Trimble Clarity account and set individual permissions such as adding projects, making measurements or annotations, creating shares, etc.

Unlike creating shared views or sharing a Trimble Clarity link, Members are invited into your Clarity ‘world’ and all of the projects in it.

Members is available to users on Clarity’s Business, Professional, and Enterprise subscriptions. If you’re using Trimble Clarity Personal, consider upgrading to one of our paid subscriptions for access to the Members feature, as well as the ability to upload additional projects.

t’s simple to get started!

If you’re already on a paid subscription, we’ve automatically applied members to your account. Check out the video to find out how to get started!

Members in action

  1. If you’re working with colleagues on a regular basis, consider setting up a single Clarity account and inviting these colleagues in as members.
  2. For Geospatial Professionals who are working with a long-term client across multiple projects, you could consider setting up an account or ‘world’ just for this client and inviting them in as a member. You can create a custom role and assign specific permissions, for example, to make notes but not use measurement tools. In this way, any time this client needed measurement information, you could provide this as part of your service.
  3. For General Contractors working on large projects with multiple stakeholders, ‘members’ allows you to have multiple contributors to your projects e.g architects, surveyors, and engineers. For each stakeholder, you can decide the appropriate level of permissions to set.

Given the rapid and significant changes to the way we work over the past few months, software that helps you to collaborate remotely with your colleagues and customers is more important than ever, Trimble Clarity is here to help.