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Trimble introduces AdGPS 442 receiver for agricultural users

15 March 2007: Trimble has introduced a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver for agricultural users, the AgGPS 442 GNSS receiver. The new receiver can track GLONASS and next-generation Global Positioning System (GPS) L2C satellite signals.

With more satellite signals to access, the AgGPS 442 GNSS receiver improves the farmer’s ability to work in tough GPS environments with faster initialization times and provides for increased productivity and reduced downtime in the field. The AgGPS 442 GNSS receiver will be showcased at the World Ag Exposition in Tulare, California.

The new GLONASS and GPS L2C processing capability from Trimble improves signal availability for high accuracy real-time kinematic (RTK) agricultural applications that rely heavily on Z, or vertical axis satellite positioning data. It also aids RTK applications in difficult satellite scenarios such as geographic areas with limited periods of GPS signal availability.

According to Trimble, it is committed to the development of easy-to-use positioning solutions for agriculture applications; the new receiver further simplifies positioning by taking advantage of the GLONASS and next-generation GPS L2C signals to provide more reliable and robust positioning in a broad range of environments. The Trimble AgGPS 442 is an integrated GNSS receiver and radio that support GLONASS, GPS L1/L2, RTK GPS and next-generation GPS L2C signals.