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Trimble India introduces Trimble® SG160-09 SeismoGeodetic system for earthquake early warning and volcano monitoring

Trimble SG160-09 SeismoGeodetic SystemNew Delhi, India: Trimble India introduced yesterday an integrated Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) reference receiver, broadband seismic recorder and a force-balance triaxial accelerometer for infrastructure and precise scientific applications—the Trimble® SG160-09 SeismoGeodetic system.

The SG160-09 provides real-time GNSS positioning and seismic data for earthquake early warning and volcano monitoring as well as infrastructure monitoring for buildings, bridges, dams as well as other natural and manmade structures.

Announcing the launch, Ulrich Vollath, General Manager Infrastructure Division who also heads the Earth Systems at Trimble Navigation said that this product will be a game changer, bringing best of two worlds of high resolution seismic observations (through accelerometer) and high frequency geodetic measurements (through GNSS) together that resonates with Indian market.

Dr. Leonid Zimakov, Earth Systems Market Manager at Trimble Navigation Ltd. provided demonstration of the product to the audience at the launch and appraised them on the key features of the system. According to Dr.Lenoid, the system combines the innovation, reliability and data integrity of both the Trimble and REF TEK brands into a single instrument. The system integrates seismic recording with GNSS geodetic measurement in a single compact, ruggedized package. It includes a low-power, 220-channel GNSS receiver powered by the latest Trimble-precise Maxwell™ 6 technology and supports tracking of both GPS and GLONASS signals plus the Galileo E1 frequency.

The system includes both the SG160-09 and utilization of Trimble's CenterPoint™ RTX™ correction service, which provides on-board GNSS point positioning. Based on Trimble RTX technology, the service utilizes satellite clock and orbit information delivered over cellular networks or Internet Protocol (IP), allowing cm-level position displacement tracking in real-time anywhere in the world. The SG160-09 system will be available for purchase without the RTX correction service for those applications using real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning.

The seismic recording sensor includes an ANSS Class A, low-noise, force-balance triaxial accelerometer with the latest, low-power, 24-bit A/D converter, which produces high-resolution seismic data. The internally built accelerometer has +/- 4g full scale output, large linear range, high resolution and sensitivity, which makes it ideal for both portable and permanent deployment. The SG160-09 processor acquires and packetizes both seismic and geodetic data and transmits it to system operators using an advanced, error-correction protocol with back-fill capability providing data integrity between the field and the processing center.

The SG160-09 system is ideal for earthquake early warning studies and other hazard mitigation applications, such as volcano monitoring, building, bridge, and dam monitoring systems. The SG160-09 system features a variable size industrial grade USB drive to support real-time telemetry data transmission. In the event of a telemetry link outage, the data is stored on the USB drive and can be re-transmitted to the centralized processing station as soon as the communication link comes back up, allowing no data loss during the system operation.

The Trimble SG160-09 system is optimized for field use with instrument mounted or externally mounted GNSS antenna configurations. The lightweight yet rugged SG160-09 consumes very little power and can be used for projects with remote connectivity and in extreme weather conditions. Because the SG160-09 combines both GNSS and strong motion in a single instrument, site installation time is reduced, data communications flow through a single pathway, and station power infrastructure is streamlined, making the SG160-09 a cost competitive solution compared to other systems on the market today. It has an IP67 rating, which means it is sealed against dust and can be submerged in water up to a meter for approximately 30 minutes. The SG160-09 also meets MIL-STD 810F standard for drops, vibration and temperature extremes.

Another key feature of the product that was demonstrated was the controlling of device via an App installed on Apple iOS devices, that can communicate via WiFi to initiate the device and to monitor the health status of various sensors on board.

Also, the device is closely integrated with Trimble Pivot Apps that support the RTX technology and enable users and administrators to communicate with the device on field directly from the office. It is also integrated with the Trimble 4D Control, cloud based web application that enables users and administrators to configure the communication channels, interact with stored data on server side, and also to visualise realtime data coming out from the devices.