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Trimble GPS Keeps UTStarcom’s Wireless Access Network In Sync

Trimble has announced that UTStarcom, Inc., a provider of wireless, wireline and broadband access equipment, is using Trimble’s Global Positioning System (GPS) timing products in their wireless access network system.

UTStarcom is integrating Trimble’s AcutimeTM 2000 GPS smart antenna in its Personal Access System (PASTM) wireless access network to precisely and economically synchronize voice and data transmissions, and provide accurate system usage information.

Focused on the exploding Chinese telecommunications market, UTStarcom has rapidly become a leading network equipment manufacturer. Implementing a wireless local loop such as the PAS access network is often more cost effective than extending wirelines to every business and residence location. Currently, more than 3.0 million subscribers in Mainland China use UTStarcom’s PAS technology to make voice and data connections every day.

The Acutime 2000 GPS smart antenna is connected to the system’s GPS/Sync/Generator (GSG) to time sync the Radio Port Controller. The GPS smart antenna decodes the system’s time and health messages for integrity and accuracy. Time synchronization is critical in order to provide minimal transmission errors, call duration billing, and network time usage information.

Trimble’s Acutime 2000 GPS Smart Antenna
Trimble’s Acutime 2000 GPS smart antenna is an easy to integrate, cost-effective and reliable time and position source. It includes a receiver, antenna, and power supply, all contained within the unit. Once the unit is powered up, the Acutime 2000 automatically tracks satellites and surveys its position to within meters. It then switches to overdetermined time mode and can generate a pulse-per-second-second (PPS) synchronized to UTC within 50 nanoseconds (one sigma). The unit outputs a timing packet for each pulse.