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Trimble expands PULSE field management platform to seamlessly connect service, equipment and fleet managers on a single platform

USA: Trimble announced that it has enhanced the Trimble PULSE field management suite with an advanced, SaaS-based telematics platform that connects, monitors and manages assets to enable intelligent decision-making and timely actions. Trimble PULSE Telematics provides a single platform for service, equipment and fleet managers to collaborate and connect their workflows to allow for improved sharing of information.

The scalable telematics platform brings enhancements to the existing Trimble PULSE suite with a new, intuitive user interface and expanded dashboard to view and share key fleet and equipment management functions, including:

• Fleet optimization – Vehicle diagnostics to optimize fleet operating costs by monitoring fuel consumption and idle time to maximize productivity
• Driver safety – Driver behavior reporting and insights to reduce risk and improve safety
• Equipment utilization – Real-time visibility to see where equipment is deployed and how it is being used to ensure equipment is in the right place at the right time
• Reduced downtime – Plan and execute preventative maintenance to extend the life of assets and reduce downtime related to maintenance and repairs
“Trimble has been providing location-based services for the mobile workforce for 30 years, and PULSE links the mobile workforce with the office to deliver operational improvements and enable IoT-connected workflows,” said John Cameron, general manager of Trimble’s Field Service Management Division. “The number of connected assets is expected to grow dramatically in the next few years, and PULSE Telematics is well positioned to scale and meet this demand.”

SaaS-based and modular, Trimble PULSE with telematics empowers businesses across a range of industries, including construction, agriculture, telecommunications and utilities, to share real-time information, perform usage and utilization analysis, and monitor performance, safety and compliance of their assets and drivers.

“We worked closely with leading customers in the construction and agriculture industries to develop PULSE Telematics,” said Brant Carter, director of strategic marketing of Trimble’s Field Service Management Division. “One customer using insights from PULSE achieved a 28 percent reduction in idle time and an 18 percent decrease in fuel consumption over a 12-month period. Our current and future customers will appreciate the improvements in productivity and cost savings that PULSE can deliver.”