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Trimble expands energy solutions portfolio with NM Group acquisition

Trimble acquires privately-held Network Mapping Group Limited (NM Group)

US: Trimble has acquired privately-held Network Mapping Group Limited (NM Group). The acquisition will expand Trimble‘s energy solutions portfolio to provide high-value data modeling and 3D visualization services for the utilities industry. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Trimble provides scalable and robust enterprise solutions for supporting the asset management and operations processes of energy distribution utilities. Trimble‘s solutions enable asset managers and planners to optimize their network asset investments, construction projects and maintenance processes to drive improved ROI, electric supply reliability, regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction.

In addition, Trimble‘s geospatial solutions for aerial, mobile and field data collection and data analytics are used globally to serve utilities with accurate and reliable information.

NM Group combines multiple remote sensing techniques with unique data analysis capabilities to create a variety of information products such as 3D asset models, engineering assessments and vegetation risk analysis. These products are used by utility customers to improve and optimize their asset management decision making, operational efficiency and compliance.

A key component in providing the value to customers is NM Group’s Caydence 3D visualization solution that distributes precise, easy-to-use network information throughout the organization. Key markets for NM Group include the United Kingdom, U.S., Canada, Australia and the Middle East.

Visual and 3D asset management extends the traditional Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions by providing utility professionals with intuitive and powerful software tools as well as visual, accurate and data-rich content for making informed decisions on assets and infrastructure.

“Utilities are continuously striving to obtain reliable and up-to-date data, which they can base business decisions on while operating, maintaining and further developing their network infrastructure. Visual and 3D asset management is a growing market segment within the electric utility industry that allows customers to better understand and assess the state of their network assets,” said Kai Lehtinen, general manager of Trimble‘s Energy Division.

“This capability from the NM Group, together with existing Trimble competencies, will enrich our solutions for network operators by providing a highly accurate and dynamic visual context that optimizes decision making. We are committed to providing innovative solutions that enable electric utilities to transform their business processes to improve productivity, reliability, safety and compliance.”

“Our service portfolio and Caydence 3D visualization solution for asset management provides powerful tools to help increase network reliability and efficiency,” said Kevin Jacobs, CEO NM Group. “We are delighted to be joining Trimble and look forward to continuing to spearhead asset management and engineering solutions for network operators globally.”

The NM Group’s business will be reported as part of Trimble‘s Resources and Utilities Segment.