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Trimble enhances railway solutions portfolio

Sunnyvale, US: Trimble introduced GEDO CE Trolley System – a new addition to its railway solutions portfolio. The new trolley system and software provide as-built survey and documentation for railway track maintenance and modernisation. It has been acquired from Sinning Vermessungsbedarf GmbH of Wiesentheid, Bavaria, Germany.

Ron Bisio, Director, Trimble’s Railway Solutions Business, said, “We offer integrated processes and workflows for complete railway lifecycle management—from the planning phase, through design and construction, and now to the subsequent maintenance phase with the addition of the Trimble GEDO CE Trolley System.”

Trimble claims that railway track recording and documentation can be completed easily and economically with the Trimble GEDO CE Trolley System. The modular track surveying system, using optical and imaging total station technology on board the vehicle, is suited for surveying older railway tracks for maintenance and modernisation. Combined data collected by the Trimble GEDO CE Trolley and Trimble GEDO Rec software enables users to quickly survey tracks from start to finish without using alignment data. The collected data forms the basis for further data processing and analysis of the state of the track. For maximum track recording speed, Trimble also offers a GNSS version of the vehicle and software.

For complete railway construction information and data processing, the Trimble GEDO CE Trolley System includes three powerful software components: Trimble GEDO Track for correction values directly on site, Trimble GEDO Office for data handling with continuous and integrated data transfer and Trimble GEDO Calc for verification and documentation for the construction of slab track.

For alignment based pre-surveying for tamping machines, the Trimble GEDO CE Trolley and Trimble GEDO Track, Trimble GEDO Office, and Trimble GEDO Tamp software used in combination offer a practical system with which a highly accurate nominal/actual comparison can be easily generated. In addition, it can serve as basis for position and height correction of tracks with tamping machines.

Source: Trimble