Trimble enhances its aerial imaging products

Trimble enhances its aerial imaging products


Cologne, Germany: During INTERGEO 2010, Trimble introduced Trimble Digital Sensor System (DSS) WideAngle and forward motion compensation (FMC) capability for its Trimble Aerial Camera.

Trimble DSS WideAngle is the latest option for its medium-format, directly georeferenced aerial imaging system. Capable of producing highly accurate orthophotos, stereo photos and mosaics; the Trimble DSS WideAngle option is designed as a high-productivity, mapping-grade solution for colour-orthophoto and vertical mapping applications. On the other hand, the new capability for Trimble Aerial Camera compensates for the forward motion of an aircraft during data capture allowing a 2x increase in maximum flight speed and up to a 3 stop decrease in shutter speed compared to aerial cameras without FMC for typical flight altitudes and camera lens.

DSS WideAngle
With options for pilot-only operation and easy integration on single-engine aircraft and helicopter platforms, the Trimble DSS offers high performance with low operating costs. Designed for flexible system deployment, efficient mission planning and simple post-mission image processing workflow, the Trimble DSS WideAngle includes a 60-megapixel metric camera, user-interchangeable 35mm and 50mm lens options, integrated POS AV direct georeferencing system, POSTrack Flight Management System, ruggedised data logger and pressurised drive, and complete post-mission processing software.

The Trimble DSS WideAngle is fully compatible with Trimble INPHO photogrammetric software. It is built upon Applanix’s GNSS-aided inertial technology and systems integration expertise.

“The Trimble DSS WideAngle is a practical, cost-effective solution for many aerial mapping applications,” said Adam Evans, Product Manager for the Trimble DSS. “And like all Trimble DSS systems, it has the key advantage of Direct Georeferencing technology, reducing the need for expensive and time-consuming ground control collection.”

Trimble Aerial Camera
The Trimble Aerial Camera is a ruggedised metric camera in 39- and 60-megapixel models for capture of Red Green and Blue (RGB) and Color Infrared (CIR) imagery. Purpose-built for aerial metric photogrammetry and easily integrated either standalone or as part of an aerial laser scanning system, the camera is suitable for project mapping, spot updates and corridor mapping. Interchangeable lenses provide the flexibility to select the best flight altitude and field of view for each project.

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