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Trimble and Neptec team up for mining solutions

US, September 18, 2014: Trimble and Neptec Technologies have announced that Trimble will distribute Neptec's obscurant-penetrating laser scanners (OPAL) and 3D real-time intelligence (3DRi) software useful for mining industry.

Trimble also aims to integrate data from Neptec's scanners and software with its geospatial and enterprise-level mine information solutions for the mining industry.

Neptec's OPAL and 3DRi technologies can be used for real-time sensing, high-resolution data capture, and recognition of features and assets.

Incorporation of the OPAL laser scanner to Trimble's mining solutions broadens Trimble's 3D laser scanning capability to offer improved data capture and penetration through snow, dust, fog, and rain to operate in high air particulate conditions common in mines.

Nathan Pugh, business area director of Trimble's Mining Division, said “"With operating margins continuously being squeezed, our mining customers are increasingly looking for new technology solutions to measure and optimize the performance of their operations in real time.”

Mike Sekerka, CEO of Neptec Technologies said, “Interest in our technology and products by industry leaders like Trimble is a tremendous validation of our commercialization strategy."

Source: Trimble