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Trimble and Condor Earth Technologies to provide real-time GPS monitoring of civil infrastructure

Trimble and Condor Earth Technologies, Inc. have announced that they will exclusively work together to provide real-time Global Positioning System (GPS)-based systems for monitoring large engineered structures and natural hazards. The systems are used for monitoring the structural integrity of dams, bridges, buildings, oil platforms and power facilities as well as the movement of landslides, volcanoes and other natural hazards.

Real-time GPS 3D monitoring technology provides scientists, engineers, facility managers, as well as others tasked with monitoring structural integrity or natural hazard movement, valuable lead-time to mitigate potentially hazardous situations. The technology also eliminates the need for costly, time-intensive data post processing.

Condor’s 3D Tracker® is a state-of-the-art software package that will use Trimble’s survey grade GPS receivers to compute real-time millimetre-level 3D positions. Data from GPS receivers located on the target structure is transferred via modem, wireless radio or network connection to a personal computer which processes the data in real-time. The 3D positions are reported through an easy-to-understand graphical-user-interface (GUI) at an office location. The GUI consists of a series of maps, charts and numerical outputs that provide comprehensive information for each site monitored.

The Condor system has been specifically designed for robust performance and continuous operation. Once configured, the monitoring system runs unattended and requires little maintenance. The software provides immediate notification by pager, e-mail or cell phone when motion thresholds are exceeded. Operators can have full remote control over the system from anywhere in the world. The result is a cost-effective 3D monitoring solution for a wide range of applications.

Condor’s 3D Tracker system has been quickly adopted by some of the largest utilities, private industry and government agencies in North America.