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Trimble acquires soil data firm

US: Trimble has recently acquired C3 Consulting, a privately held, crop science software firm promoting sustainable farming methods with tools to conserve natural resources, reduce chemical inputs and restore native fertility. The C3 acquisition is part of Trimble’s aggressive expansion into the precision agriculture market over the past year. Trimble”s acquisition of C3 brings leading-edge technologies to Ag service providers worldwide. Improving agricultural productivity through smarter management is essential to meeting future food demands, and we believe that C3 technologies will be an important part of the Trimble solutions that help address the challenge,” said Dan Rooney, CEO and founder of C3.

One of 3C’s products, now owned by Trimble is Soil Information System (SIS) software for 3D mapping of soil characteristics, analyzing 120 unique soil and topographic properties, to pinpoint problem areas, develop an effective strategy for improving output, and provide a recommendation such as the exact depth and area to break up hard soil. “SIS can precisely map the top four feet of the earth”s surface using above and below ground sensors combined with GPS,” said Trimble.

Source: Sparpoint group