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Trimble acquires assets of GeoDesy

Hungary: Trimble has acquired the assets of privately-held GeoDesy and GeoDesy Free Space Optics (FSO) of Budapest, Hungary. GeoDesy is a European engineering and development company focused on delivering accessories for the geomatics, surveying, mapping and construction industries. Financial terms were not disclosed.

GeoDesy designs, manufactures and distributes accessories for surveying instruments, lasers, robotics, mapping and Global Satellite Navigation System (GNSS) systems, which includes products such as tripods, prism poles, tribaches, brackets and adapters. Along with offering company-branded accessories, GeoDesy also offers regional custom-made solutions. GeoDesy FSO designs, manufactures and distributes laser-based free space optical communication devices.

FSO is a line-of-sight technology that uses invisible beams of infrared light to provide very-high optical bandwidth connections that can send and receive voice, video, and data information for outdoor communications. This technology is typically deployed where traditional communication technologies may be challenging such as large construction sites, remote oil fields, dense urban environments, railways and mining locations. FSO is a technology of choice when high-speed data rates, integrity and data security are essential to success.

GeoDesy complements Trimble's current portfolio of products acquired from SECO and Crain Enterprises in 2008. The purchase of GeoDesy allows Trimble to provide the necessary products and support services that can be offered as part of its positioning solutions in the engineering and construction markets. GeoDesy offers a unique perspective in the professional surveying market with over 130 years of continued innovation. In addition, GeoDesy will be able to leverage established distribution channels throughout the world.

GeoDesy will be part of Trimble's Engineering and Construction segment.

Source: Trimble