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Tridex launches 3D laser scanning services in India

India: Tridex Solutions has launched its real world 3D scanning solutions in India. The activity involves capturing of real world data, modeling and visualisation through use of latest laser scanning survey technology. According the company’s release the tedious and costly practice of field surveying has now been made obsolete with the advent of what Tridex has labeled as “Desktop Surveying”. Tridex has setup strategic data processing center in STPI area, Gurgaon. The company has its head quarters in Salt Lake City, USA.

The co-founder and Director Bob Vashisth is the exclusive holder of the patents and technology which fuses Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) XYZ position coordinates, digital imaging (RGB data) and geophysical information (GPS) into every pixel. This gives each pixel in the scene “intelligence”. The company offers highly innovative solutions for the AEC, Urban Development, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Transportation, Railways, Highways, GIS, Mining, security etc.