TribolaTech announces strategic partnership with ThoughtSpot

TribolaTech announces strategic partnership with ThoughtSpot


US: TribolaTech, a leader in data management and analytics, is proud to announce a new partnership with ThoughtSpot, a next-generation analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and the world’s first relational search engine. The partnership aims to enter a new breed of Business Intelligence, capable of processing billions of rows of data across multiple sources, all while delivering sub-second answers across the enterprise.

“In today’s fast-changing business environment, we’ve seen that it has become immensely important for customers to be able to access their data at any given time,” says TribolaTech President, Vishal Wadhwa. “The combination of AI and machine learning search capabilities will eliminate data professionals from developing reports and dashboards and empower them to conduct sophisticated analyses through one simple click. It’s an exciting time for customers who can now gain access to their data and answer any business-critical questions in a matter of seconds.”

Data and analytics with ThoughtSpot not only allows for accurate results but also for business process automation. ThoughtSpot provides customers with the ability to search across all Enterprise related data through a comprehensive search engine, delivering insight at the speed of thought. Organizations will now have the ability to create unlimited reports and dashboards without any developer skills, and to slice and dice their data effortlessly. The partnership between TribolaTech and ThoughtSpot combines Next Generation analytics with the cutting-edge technology of AI for businesses to share real-time actionable insights seamlessly.

Vishal Wadhwa comes from over two decades of high technology management experience. Wadhwa has been a thought leader in implementing and managing various solutions including Customer Relationship Management, Security Solutions such as Fraud Detection and Prevention, Compliance, Big Data and Business Intelligence. Prior to his role as President at TribolaTech, he oversaw the BI roadmap for large enterprises including Juniper Networks, JDSU, Visa and was responsible for ensuring that all business, IT, and stakeholders were aligned.