Transport Canada simplifies UAS rules

Transport Canada simplifies UAS rules


Canada, November 2014: At the recently held Unmanned Systems Canada conference in Montreal, Transport Canada announced two exemptions that aim to simplify small unmanned aerial vehicle operations in Canadian airspace.

Under the new exemptions, commercial use of UAS will no longer require a special flight operations certificate or SFOC for any UAV under 2kg and certain operations with a UAV under 25kg. The department has also simplified the application process and time it takes to issue SFOCs for larger UAVs.

The changes will come into effect later this month and operators must check on the Transport Canada website for exemption requirements and safety conditions including maintaining visual line of sight, respecting maximum altitudes and staying clear of built-up areas.

Commenting on the announcement, Baillie, chairman of Unmanned Systems Canada, told media, “Coupled with the safety awareness campaign announced two weeks ago, I believe that Canada now has one of the most effective and progressive UAV regulatory frameworks in the world.”

Source: AUVSI