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Transneft to use GLONASS

Moscow, Russia: The biggest oil transport company in Russia “Transneft” and the Navigational Information Systems company have begun to create a system of transport monitoring with the help of GLONASS.

The Russian GLONASS and the American GPS are now being used in Russia in different transport systems. All public government transport in Russia is to be fitted with GLONASS starting from this year. A special device will be installed on all transport, which will allow to pinpoint its location as well as to control its work and to measure the amount of fuel in the tank. All the information will go to the control center to be analysed by the controller, who will then create a report.

The “Transneft” company wants to establish more than 20 thousand terminals- from the Far East to the Baltic Sea within a few years for transport monitoring.

“The large project entails the creation of information-analytical systems using navigational technology”, says Roman Osipov, Director at the NIC’s Department of Information Management. Tape.
The project which will be completed within three years, envisages the creation of infrastructures and the equipping of all “Transneft” related transport.

The use of GLONASS will lead to a more effective organisation of the work of the vast pool of vehicles and will streamline the company’s logistics.

“Transneft” handles more than 90 per cent of the transporting of all the oil production in Russia, and an orderly logistics will enable the company to become even more effective.

Soource: Voice of Russia