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Transnavicom updates its digital map

Ukraine: Transnavicom has updated its digital maps. Key updates have been done in the digital map of Makeevka city (Donetsk region), Vasylkov city (Kiev region) and Berdyansk (Zaporozhye region). Transnavicom maps cover all 30, 000 populated localities of the country, including integrated maps of more than 250 settlements with accurate definition of streets and buildings, approximately 45% population of the country. Total road coverage in the map is more than 400,000km.

Other updates include:
– Increase in the number of street names in Ukrainian cities from 3,000 to 46,220.
– Increase in building footprints from 2,043,548 to 2,546,921.
– Increase in new address points, which is in total now 1,018,631.

Source: Transnavicom