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Transnavicom updates cities’ info in its map

Ukraine: Transnavicom updated accuracy of Ukraine’s road network (maneuver restrictions, speed limits) and routing, testing every attribute in fields. This testing was also done for address information.

At present time, set of digital maps Transnavicom is a united map of Ukraine, covering all 30000 populated localities of the country, including integrated maps of more than 253 settlements with accurate definition of streets and buildings, in which presented 45% of population of Ukraine. The total road coverage is more than 400 000 km of roads, united in integrated road network.

The team has updated all additional cartographic layers (vegetation, hydrography, railways, sport buildings and others) and made data correction according to users’ feedback. Some key changes in the map have been made on the basis of highly detailed GPS tracks and video filming fulfilled complex work on creation of detailed road network. More than 1400 streets and 38000 addresses have been added in the new map.

Now, users can get more precise information about Mukachevo city (Zakarpats’ka region), Kolomiya and Kalush cities (Ivano-Frankivs’ka region) through full street-road network of cities, building footprints along with addresses and street names available in the map. In addition, users can get updated information about Korosten city (Zhitomirs’ka region) and Izmail city (Odes’ka region) as well.

The company also announced that soon the team will cover additional cities of Lvovs’ka region: Morshin, Sambor, Zolochev, Novy Rozdol.

Source: Transnavicom