Transnavicom expands coverage

Transnavicom expands coverage


Ukraine: Transnavicom has released an expanded set of maps of Ukraine which includes more than 160 settlements with building polygons and 258 with streets. New maps of 18 cities, which provide detailed address information (in scale 1:5 000), are a part of 9 regions (Kyivs’ka, Cherkas’ka, Kirovohrads’ka, Khmel’nyts’ka, Odes’ka, Poltavs’ka, Sums’ka, Zhytomyrs’ka, Zaporiz’ka ) that are being covered.

The digital maps of new cities include detailed road network and address information and POI (points of interest). All the data has been tested by Transnavicom specialists in the streets.

“Our strategy is to deliver the highest quality and most up-to-date location and navigation maps available. Transnavicom constantly continues to invest in expansion of its data coverage and in developing the GIS market in Ukraine,” said Alexander Skvortsov, CEO, Transnavicom.

Source: Transnavicom