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Transit technology test facility uses GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Dec. 4 — Radio Satellite Integrators, Inc.(RSI), a global provider of customized GPS-based vehicle tracking and mobile data solutions, today announced the launch of a GPS vehicle tracking system for the Transportation Technology Center Inc. (TTCI).

TTCI is the world’s leading transit and railroad technology testing entity and facility. With 48 miles of test track at their headquarters outside of Pueblo, Colorado, the TTCI uses federal and private funds to test all things transit related including vehicles, track components, safety devices, and other related equipment. The expansive test site created a need for precise location information for all of the TTCI vehicles.

TTCI selected RSI to implement a unique vehicle tracking system utilizing a wide variety of wireless technologies. Some tracking units are installed on locomotives, some are installed on safety response vehicles, and some units are completely portable and can be used in virtually any vehicle. The units communicate through 2-way radio at the test site, and automatically switch communication modes to a nationwide digital cellular packet data technology when available off-site. The TTCI system also includes ruggedized Panasonic laptop computers that are connected to a wireless local area network (LAN) and are able to track all the equipped vehicles from anywhere on the facility.