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Transcend Spatial Solutions to be renamed as Rizing

An US-based multinational firm, Rizing, LLC, has announced that their Geospatial Solutions business, Transcend Spatial Solutions, has been renamed as Rizing. The company mainly focuses on SAP technology.

Connie Gurchiek, Geospatial President for Rizing and founder of Transcend, said as per PRNewswire, “Transcend has been instrumental in solving location data challenges in the transportation industry for over nine years.”

“That is not changing. What is changing is our ability to present our solutions to both the transportation industry and SAP customers with a fresh market perspective,” he added further.

Company CEO Mike Maiolo, while speaking about the growth of the company, said Transcend’s innovation with products and services in visualize location data and mobilize asset data have helped the transportation industry. “We see applications for this location intelligence across our lines of business, which is why we felt it is crucial to embrace the Rizing brand for Geospatial Services,” he added.

Companies across the globe have huge amount of data now a days. They know each and every aspect of the data. But many of them are not taking the advantage that the location has. The location data in data analytics permits firms to find out where products, assets and people are located, allowing them to perform spatial relationship analyses.

As per research, nearly 80 percent of data has a location. Among its other major roles, Rzing takes care of location data, visualizes and integrates the data, creates data-driven decision-making solutions, giving its clients a competitive advantages.