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trajectoryXyzt Geospatial Intelligence Conference announced

US: “Regardless of your sector of the economy, if you’re not capitalizing on the power of applied geospatial intelligence, you’re missing out,” said Keith Masback, CEO of the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF), which is producing trajectoryXyzt, the first conference about the commercial applications of geospatial intelligence.

USGIF is creating the trajectoryXyzt experience in response to the rapid emergence of multiple technologies enabling geospatial intelligence in the commercial space. The event, which will be held at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, Calif., September 19 and 20, grows out of 15 years of successful events and training for the federal workforce and its contractors.

“From phones to drones to space, sensors of all types are collecting more and more data—and those data are being analyzed and visualized in unprecedented ways,” added Masback. “This all sits atop an underlayment of precision geolocation information. When combined, this provides for geospatial intelligence, offering a significant competitive advantage for businesses, and better products and services for consumers. Without applied geospatial intelligence, companies will miss out on the ability to be fully competitive in the future marketplace.”

Autonomous vehicles, geo-targeted marketing, precision agriculture, transportation, logistics, insurance, natural resources, and myriad other commercial industries are starting to understand and reap the remarkable benefits of integrating geospatial data and information. All will be represented on the stages and in the exhibits at trajectoryXyzt in September.

Thought leaders and executives of highly regarded companies, representing both producers and consumers of geospatial intelligence, will offer keynote presentations and panels followed by rich, highly interactive discussions formatted to provide face-to-face engagement, allowing participants to pursue their specific topics of interest in depth.

Confirmed trajectoryXyzt speakers to date include: Dr. Sarah Battersby of Tableau Software; Bo Ewald, president of D-Wave International; Shahin Farshchi of Lux Capital; Auren Hoffman, CEO of SafeGraph; Robbie Schingler, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Planet; Dr. Walter Scott, founder of DigitalGlobe and CTO at Maxar; Jackie Space, co-founder of BMNT; and Jeff Jonas, former IBM fellow and founder and chief scientist at Senzing, who said of the emerging geospatial intelligence revolution’s impact, “If it’s not obvious yet…oh, it will be!”

trajectoryXyzt sponsors and exhibitors will benefit from the creation of a gallery atmosphere that offers equal marketing access for all participating organizations, from large international firms to niche entrepreneurs drawn to the explosive growth in geospatial intelligence applications. Founding sponsors Boundless, Radiant Solutions, and Spatial Networks will be joined by industry leaders such as Vricon, Orbital Insight, and many others in the exhibit gallery.

Masback summed up the significance of the two-day experience: “Though there are many events that look at one or two of these elements discretely, there’s no event anywhere that provides the larger, collective intellectual framework for the geospatial intelligence construct in the commercial arena. We want attendees to walk away with concrete ideas, new relationships, and innovative applications to dramatically improve their competitive position in their respective marketplaces.”