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TrackingPoint Launches Precision-Guided Firearm with One-Mile Range

US: TrackingPoint has unveiled the 338 TrackingPoint (338TP) Precision-Guided Firearm at ShowStoppers 2015 in Las Vegas. Code-named the ‘Mile Maker,’ the 338TP is a new precision caliber developed by TrackingPoint and is equipped with TrackingPoint's fighter-jet ‘tag and shoot’ technology. The 338TP allows even novice shooters to make mile-long shots with greater precision than the most skilled marksmen in the world—even on targets moving 30 mph.

The Linux-based 338TP utilises advanced image processing and tracking technology to acquire and follow targets. Once a target is acquired, it is virtually impossible for it to escape. TrackingPoint is the first firearms company to introduce state-of-the-art fire control technology. Fire control systems, historically reserved for advanced weapon systems like the F35 jet and the M1 tank, eliminate human error when firing a weapon.

Marketed to the US military and as a high-end platform for shooting enthusiasts, the 338TP has the ability to wirelessly stream real-time shot video to wearable digital shooting glasses. The digital shooting glasses are comprised of TrackingPoint's ShotView software running on the Recon Instruments Jet smartglass platform. The digital shooting glasses enable users to shoot around corners and other protected positions, team with other shooters, and have greater situational awareness. It also allows users to record video and voice for later review or to share with others, according to a spokesperson from the company.

Source: PR newswire