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Tracking data and streaming video from new security and GPS technologies

NetScout Systems, Inc. a provider of network performance management solutions announced that Tri-County Metropolitan Transit Agency (TriMet), a nationally recognized provider of public transportation in the Portland, Oregon area, is using NetScout’s nGenius(R) Performance Management System. Through the nGenius solution, TriMet is managing the performance of its mission-critical network and the advanced applications that track and ensure the operation and safety of transit services for more than 300,000 passengers a day, across 600 square miles of urban territory.

TriMet operates a fleet of more than 700 trains and buses across the three counties it serves. TriMet’s network supports data, voice and video traffic from a sophisticated array of real-time systems that monitor the health of its rail systems, the geographical locations of trains and buses en-route to passengers, as well as the physical security of its trains and boarding stations. The network transmits all of this real time data to multiple access points used by TriMet operations, government agencies, law enforcement and the public. In addition, the network supports a regular stream of new Web- and phone-based services that improve conveniences for traveling citizens.

Among the new technologies TriMet has deployed is a Global Positioning System (GPS) that tracks bus route movement. The information is integrated with other tracking data for TriMet’s Transit Tracker, a real-time arrival notification system, which displays the arrival time of the next bus or train for customers. The agency is also expanding its Networked Video Surveillance system and has plans to pass that traffic throughout its networks.