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Towards a successful national spatial data infrastructure

Hyderabad: The third day of the India Geospatial Forum 2014 witnessed an exclusive session on National Geospatial Information System (NGIS). Dr Maj Gen R Siva Kumar, CEO, National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) gave a brief overview of India’s NGIS mission. “NGIS is for all, not for any specific organisation,” he said. He highlighted issues of data sharing, metadata, duplication of data etc. He said that NSDI has conducted a consensus among data sharing agencies to exchange data. He revealed that the NGIS version 1.0 having existing data of 1:50,000 resolution will be available in the next 18 months and the version 2.0 in a higher resolution in next 4 years.

He revealed how people today want user-centric solutions and the initiatives taken by the NSDI in this direction. He also mentioned that the Government of India is planning to establish NGIS with an estimated investment of Rs 3,000 crore. He briefly explained the Geo DSS concept of NSDI and National Data Registry (NDR) for national, state and local planning.

Dr PS Acharya, Scientist G, Dept of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, India said that it is important for every agency to have data and metadata. He informed that NSDI has set up a Technical Committee on NDR which is chaired by Dr S Subba Rao, Surveyor General, Survey of India and Dr VK Dhadwal, Director, NRSC.

Vinod M Bothale from the NRSC described various initiatives undertaken by the organisation which promotes open data. He also talked about ISRO’s geoportal Bhuvan has been with NGIS mission. Dr S Subba Rao, Surveyor General, Survey of India (SoI) said that the geospatial domain has become user centric today. He described how SoI is compelled to produce GIS-ready maps to meet the demands of users. He also said that they will soon launch a virtual reference system (VRS).

Prof NL Sarda from IIT Bombay talked about standards, interoperability, and specifications of NDR under National GIS. He said that metadata, standards and interoperability are essential components of NGIS. “We need to ensure that data and metadata are in sync with each other,” he noted. RN Nanada, from SoI talked about Indian Foundation Data which aims to provide a common reference for assembling and maintenance of spatial data foundation with national coverage.

Ashwani Rawat from Trimble highlighted various software solutions which are enabling NGIS. “Interoperability is not possible without semantics”, said Anirudh Roy, VP, Navayuga Engineering Company Ltd. He talked about practical coherent framework for semantic interoperability.

Steven Hagan, Senior Vice President, Oracle Corporation, USA said that SDI gets order and efficiency using standards and it has to be open and interoperable. He highlighted various Oracle solutions which promote interoperability.

Source: Our Correspondent