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Toronto will implement NovaLIS

NovaLIS Technologies and business partner ESRI Canada will provide the City of Toronto with a parcel maintenance solution, as part of its integrated geospatial environment. The City’s land information business unit will implement the solution, and ESRI Canada will provide training support.
NovaLIS and ESRI will provide the City with a software solution that will replace and enhance components of its existing geospatial environment architecture and tools, and allow the City to proceed with an Integrated Geospatial Environment. Toronto will migrate its existing parcel maintenance environment to the ESRI/NovaLIS Parcel Editor environment.
Land Information Toronto of Corporate Services’ Information and Technology Division, which manages the enterprise geospatial environment, will port it to an ArcSDE, Oracle 9i, Oracle Spatial platform, and configure the Parcel Editor environment. Structured, up-to-date, secure, and accurate geospatial information is critical to the efficient operation of the City of Toronto. The City’s geospatial environment is a corporate resource and includes the One Address Repository, the Toronto Street Centreline, Administrative Areas, Parcels, Large Scale Mapping, and Orthoimagery. Geospatial information is used throughout the six operating departments: Community and Neighbourhood Services; Economic Development, Culture, and Tourism; Urban Development Services; Works and Emergency Services; Corporate Services; and Finance.
Survey and Mapping of Works and Emergency Services’ Technical Services will use a configuration of ArcEditor, Parcel Editor, Survey Analyst, and JTX to maintain the Parcel Fabric. Together, these tools allow chronological and threaded history, handle stratified and overlapping parcels, and manage Administrative Areas that are built from Parcel boundaries.