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Toposys introduces third generation airborne laser sensor system

19 December 2006 – TopoSys has introduced the third generation of the airborne laser sensor system “Harrier 56/G3”. It allows scanning with 200,000 laser pulses per second and provides high level of details for applications such as corridor mapping. The TopoSys sensor system Harrier 56 that was introduced in October 2005 has been permanently improved and is now presented in the third generation as “Harrier 56/G3”.

The pulse rate of the laser has been increased from 100,000 laser pulses to 200,000 laser pulses per second. This is currently worldwide the highest pulse rate of an Airborne Laserscanning sensor system. The point density of this sensor system is twice as high, what results in a lot of advantages especially for corridor mapping applications and in the sector of construction and engineering.

Due to point densities of up to 40 measurements per square meter in many cases terrestrial or photogrammetrical measurements are no longer necessary. For this reason a reduction of costs can be achieved and the advantages of Airborne Laserscanning can be extended on applications that in the past were only suited for other surveying technologies. Starting in January 2007 for all Harrier 56 clients it will be possible to upgrade their sensor system.

– About TopoSys
TopoSys was founded in 1995 and is a pioneer of the so-called airborne laser scanning. TopoSys operates its own-developed sensors and is a leading company as a service provider Europewide. Additionally the own-developed sensors are distributed world-wide.