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TopoSys introduces Falcon II to American continent

TopoSys NA, the north American branch of TopoSys GmbH, a German manufacturer of high-precision mapping equipments, has entered into selling and supporting TopoSys’ Lidar Sensor System “Falcon” in the US, Canada and Mexico. Supporting the GIS providers of the given states, Falcon, according to the company’s release, holds the innovative design – 128 optical fibres in a fixed geometric orientation, combined with 83 kHz laser pulse rate and TopPIT mission planning and post-processing software – enabling fast production of high resolution Lidar maps ideal for urban areas, corridors and forest tracts.

The Falcon design originated in the laboratories of Dornier GmbH, a German aerospace firm, where researchers devising laser-based systems to detect collision hazard recognized the potential for airborne mapping and spun out the technology in 1995 to a purposely-formed TopoSys GmbH.

The optional RGB/NIR line scanner provides spectral imagery and mounting both sensors on a rigid carbon fiber plate with a high-precision inertial measurement unit virtually eliminates need for periodic recalibration.

The technical parameters of the Falcon II include, 83 kHz laser operating at a wavelength of 1560 nm, 1,600 m maximum flight altitude, no periodic calibration required, 14-degree field of view; 4:1 strip width to flight altitude, Laser pulse duration of 5 nanoseconds; fast detection of first and last echoes for 1m resolution between echoes (option to record up to nine echo returns) and the in-flight operator panel for real-time mission control.