Topcon’s Sitelink 3D Enterprise program to power Komatsu’s PC210LCi-10 excavator

Topcon’s Sitelink 3D Enterprise program to power Komatsu’s PC210LCi-10 excavator


According to Equipment World, Komatsu the Japanese multinational corporation that manufactures construction and mining equipments will soon start the sales of the semi-automatic PC210LCi-10 excavator in North America starting next month.

Komatsu excavator PC210LCi-10 powered by Topcon’s Sitelink 3D Enterprise program

The excavator comes with a semi-automatic Intelligent Machine Control that aims to make over-excavating, a typical problem in construction a thing of the past. The company claims that this excavator showed up 63-percent reduction in production times in ints field tests.

Topcon’s Sitelink 3D Enterprise program for Remote real-time job site management solution will power the machine, that is semi-automatically limited from digging beyond the target surface. This logic can be defined in the field-office which comes into the machine form of project files that can be downloaded either through a thumb drive inserted into the bottom of the in-cab control box or remotely through project partner.

The excavator’s system is equipped with various hydraulic sensors along the boom, arm and bucket. Along with these the system is powered by:

– An Inertial Measurement Unit, located inside the machine, which detects machine orientation.

– Two GNSS antennas, positioned on easily-accessed handrails behind the cab. A GNSS receiver is located inside the machine.

– A 12.1-inch tablet-like touch screen display control box inside the cab shows side and aerial views of the machine, and uses a facing angle compass, a light bar and audio guidance

Source: Equipment World