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Topcon unveils new GNSS indicate system

US: Topcon Positioning Group has unveiled a new GNSS indicate system specifically for compactors. The C-63 system is designed to track precise compaction with minimal equipment operation. It features innovative Topcon GNSS technology and graphical display to provide real-time positioning and plan data, which ensures compaction, is achieved in all required areas. “Compaction is often overlooked when it comes to improving overall job quality. Everyone realises the importance of proper compaction, especially in asphalt paving, but there’s no efficient way to monitor every square-foot of a roadway, parking lot, or other project. Over- or under-compaction can lead to rough roads and premature failures resulting in high repair costs, as well as wasted fuel, and lower productivity. The C-63 brings compaction under tight and predictable control. As part of Topcon’s new wave of economical indicate 3D systems, the C-63, demonstrates Topcon's continued commitment to ensure that all phases of construction and engineering projects reach maximum efficiency through well-managed control. The system’s graphical display keeps track of cumulative compaction through pass counts and uses easy-to-understand color-coding to indicate compaction status,” said Kris Maas, manager of machine control product marketing for Topcon.

The C-63 can also be integrated into the Topcon Sitelink3D site management system. This allows operators of all rollers or compactors in the same area to see the work already performed by other machines.

Source: Topcon positioning