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Topcon to enter mobile control market

Livermore, USA, 18 June 2007: Topcon Corporation is expanding its business to include the rapidly growing international mobile control business. The new mobile business segment will focus on measuring the exact positioning of any mobile object on Earth for asset management and control purposes.

Target markets for this new Topcon business segment include:

  • Dynamic positioning (DP) of oil platforms and vessels, as well as facilities and offshore services, including container positioning and locations, berthing navigation, as well as equipment used in natural resource exploration;
  • Vehicle management, including fleet logistics for taxis, trains, buses, and trucks, and;
  • Environmental research, including disaster prevention and meteorological research and data collection.

    Via Internet hookup, or cell phone connection, Topcon’s planned new tracking and reporting software and controller for mobile control will be able to be accessed from virtually anywhere in the world.

    Additionally, Topcon will use its positioning technologies to “enter into the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) market,” Ray O’Connor, President and CEO of Topcon Positioning Systems said.