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Topcon releases latest geodetic reference receiver and antenna

US, October 9, 2014: Topcon Positioning Group has released new geodetic GNSS reference receivers and antennas – the NET-G5 receiver and CR-G5-C antenna.

The new NET-G5 receiver covers 452 channels capable of tracking the full GNSS signal spectrum, including modernized GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS and SBAS signals.

The CR-G5-C antennna is a full-wave geodetic choke-ring antenna designed to handle evolving requirements for infrastructure monitoring applications and reference networks. It uses cavity filter technology to more aggressively combat radio frequency interference in difficult environments.

Through its universal tracking feature, the receiver has a capability to assign any visible GNSS signal to any available receiver channel.

Charles Rihner, vice president of the Topcon GeoPositioning Group said, “Comprehensive communication support, advanced web-server capability, and extended operating times are among the new features supported on the NET-G5. Coupled with the CR-G5-C antenna, the new systems provide a powerful, interference protected network solution.”

Source: Topcon