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Topcon partners with Toro for GPS-guided turf sprayer

The Netherlands, February 25, 2015: Topcon Positioning Group has partnered with American manufacturer of turf maintenance equipment, The Toro Company, to develop a new GPS-guided sprayer. Under the agreement, Toro will be tasked to market the new equipment to the commercial equipment marketplace as soon as the summer of 2015.

Dubbed as the GeoLink system, it ensures accurate and consistent coverage, which translates into exceptional results and reduced chemical costs. Initially, the GeoLink system will be made available for Toro Multi Pro 5800. Topcon, however, plans to offer it for a broader range of Toro sprayers in the near future.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Toro on our debut in the turf spraying marketplace,” said Jason Killpack, director of business development, strategic partnerships for Topcon. “This new system, which builds upon Topcon innovations developed for precision agriculture, is an excellent example of how positioning technologies can benefit non-traditional industries. We are taking proven precision agriculture technology and providing it as a resource for Toro to employ in its market,” Killpack said.

“In addition to working in tandem with Toro to develop this new product, it also provides us the opportunity to expand our TopNETlive network, which is a key initiative within our organisation.” The TopNETlive network is a subscription-based, real-time, GNSS reference network delivering high quality correction data to rovers used for surveying, construction, GIS mapping and agricultural applications throughout North America.

Jace Bertsch, marketing manager for The Toro Company, said, “We started by understanding customer needs, and then selected Topcon as a partner to develop an integrated user-friendly solution. We are very excited to offer the unique features that have been engineered into this system, and are confident that GeoLink will be successfully deployed in both the golf and sports field market segments.

Source: Topcon