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Topcon launches all-new total station series

USA, 5 September 2006 – The all-new total station series from Topcon offers the ultimate solution for demanding tasks on the job site. Designed as complete robotic systems, the GTS-900A and GPT-9000A series include Topcon’s new FC-200 field controller and RC-3 tracking system.

The GPT-9000A robotic total station provides precise reflectorless measurement up to 2,000 meters – more than 6,500 feet (1¼ miles) – and can easily focus on small objects like power lines. The onboard computer, with a bright, full-color touch-screen display, and faster servo motor technology improve field productivity. The GTS-900A series reflector-only instruments are available with the same system components.

Additional features on the new series of instruments include: X-TRAC technology with instantaneous re-acquisition of target lock; Completely cable-free design—all components; Large color, touch-screen interface, running off Windows Mobile OS; New, ultra-fast robotic servo technology; All components fit into a single carrying case; Integrated 2.4 GHz interference-free spread spectrum radio; Instruments available in 1-, 3-, and 5-second arc-second angle accuracies; Field scan imaging ready for the job site; Newly designed, lightweight 360-degree prism; and New TopSURV field controller software.

The robotic system includes Topcon’s new FC-200 field controller, the fastest field computer available. The successor to Topcon’s FC-100 graphical field computer, the controller features a 520 MHz Intel X-scale processor for fast performance and Windows Mobile 4.2 operating system. An optional snap-on 2.4 GHz radio module can be added to the FC-200 for interference-free robotic data communications.

Topcon’s new RC-3 tracking system, providing positive instrument lock with the simplicity of one-touch operation, is also included. Integrally designed to work with the new 360-degree prism, the RC-3 offers the simplicity of one-touch operation and the industry’s fastest quick-lock prism acquisition. Six communication channels enable multiple robotic systems to operate on the same site.

Peter Wallace, Topcon’s Director of Sales-Survey, said, “While all robotic instruments require line-of-sight between the instrument and rover rod, Topcon has solved the common job site obstruction problems. With the RC-3 quick-lock system, reacquisition of the target is just a single keystroke away,” he said.

The RC-3 sends a signal from the rover pole to the instrument. Wallace said, “The instrument detects the signal and automatically turns direct to the prism pole. It’s absolutely reliable and takes a fraction of the time spent manually directing an instrument.”