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Topcon introduces Paradigm G3 chip

Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) recently introduced the Paradigm G3 chip, a new technology that sets the standard for the future of satellite positioning. The G3 chip with its patented Universal Signal Tracking capabilities has 72 universal channels that can receive signals from up to 36 satellites simultaneously. Topcon’s GPS + GLONASS technology virtually eliminates satellite access problems. The new Topcon G3 technology takes it a step further by adding the soon-to-be-available European Union Galileo satellite constellation, which will eventually have a total of more than 30 satellites.

Satellite positioning systems are widely used for land surveying and machine control tasks. To operate, these systems need to receive a minimum of five satellites at all times. When the minimum number of satellites is not available due to obstructions, reception is interrupted, creating costly downtime on the job site. Topcon’s Paradigm G3 can track all signals from all available satellite positioning systems now and in the future to provide seamless positioning information. The patented new generation firmware is designed to dynamically adjust to satellites with best signal strength. The high rate signal sampling delivers industry leading performance and accuracy. The streamlined chip profile is 75 percent smaller than current chips, enabling small, lighter receiver design. G3 features unmatched tracking capabilities in difficult environments reduce signal degradation. G3 incorporates more channels and uses less power, guaranteeing full workdays on a single charge.

The first Galileo satellite, a demonstration and testing model launched December 28, sets the stage for additional satellite launches in 2006 and beyond. In a related development, users of Topcon Positioning Systems GPS+ technology and equipment can now access three additional navigational satellites in the GLONASS system following a Christmas Day launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

The launch, which increased the number of GLONASS satellites to 17 (with GPS, the total number of satellites available to Topcon customers equal 41), is the first of a series of satellite placements the Russian Federal Space Agency has scheduled in the next two years to bring the GLONASS satellite system to full deployment.