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Topcon introduces hybrid microscope

Livermore, US: Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) introduced the Aquila hybrid microscope to the North American market. Ray O’Connor, TPS president and CEO, said, “The Aquila hybrid scope puts the versatility of an optical microscope and the power of an scanning electron microscope (SEM) into a simple, portable and affordable package.”

The microscope magnifies from 30x in optical mode, to 50,000x as an SEM. According to company’s press statement, the hybrid design provides key advantages that should expand the use of SEM technology.

The simplicity of the Aquila, both in design and functionality “creates an instrument with virtually no learning curve,” O’Connor said. “With an array of features that make it attractive to both the experienced and new SEM user, it is the most versatile and easy-to-use microscope on the market.”

Mick Yamazaki, TPS chief operating officer, said, “For companies and organisations that may not have ever considered the benefits of an in-house SEM, Aquila is an eye-opener. We have invested heavily in providing an intuitive interface that can be easily used by non-experienced operators, while also providing in-depth control for the most demanding applications.”

In addition to the areas pointed out by O’Connor, he noted the instrument has practical usage in air and water monitoring, metallurgy and metal analysis, materials analysis, food industry, quality control and micro-mechanical systems.

Source: Topcon