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Topcon announces GNSS receiver with digital UHF radio design

Livermore, California, USA, 12 March 2007 – Topcon Positioning Systems’ GR-3 system, the world’s first RTK triple-constellation satellite receiver introduced last fall, has just got better. Offering universal satellite tracking – GPS, GLONASS and Galileo – the Topcon GR-3 just added the world’s first UHF digital radio option for a GPS receiver.

The digital radio design provides a significant technology increase over older analog radio system designs. The modern digital design provides improved performance and reliability, and at the same time the maximum level of flexibility for system customization.

Initially introduced with a spread spectrum radio option, the new digital UHF radio provides customers with another level of customization to design a system that precisely fits individual needs.

The European satellite positioning system (Galileo) is in the early stages of implementation; when operational, this system will add yet an even higher level of productivity to field GNSS systems. The GR-3 is the world’s only production model that can receive the Galileo test signal; it is designed to pick up all signals available now and all signals coming on line in the foreseeable future.

The unit not only sets new standards for performance and accuracy, but also sets the standard for rugged construction and unparalleled durability: GR-3 is designed to withstand a two-meter pole drop and comes with a “bulletproof” warranty to back it up.

GR-3 has 72 universal channels that can track up to 36 satellites simultaneously … all positioning satellites, generating any signal, any time, 24/7. Topcon engineers developed the G3 chip to receive all existing signals, plus all signals from planned satellite launches in the foreseeable future.

The GR-3 boasts a completely integrated, cable-free base and rover design for use in a constantly expanding range of applications. In addition to Paradigm G3 technology, the sleek and rugged unit features:
– The original GR-3 version offers an internal spread-spectrum radio, which provides reliable and interference-free RTK communication for small- to medium-range projects; the new digital UHF version expands the unit’s capabilities.
– Optional internal GSM/GPRS SIM card modem for cellular connectivity.
– Ergonomic design includes a “quick-snap” pole mount, reducing the likelihood of damage while affixing it to or removing it from the pole.
– Dual, “hot-swappable” battery packs give GR-3 the longest operation time in the industry—more than 12 hours.
– An additional battery pack utilizes off-the-shelf AA batteries.
– Dual-function design—each unit can be a base or rover.

Jamie Williamson, Topcon’s Senior Vice President, said, “The migration of modern technology from analog to digital designs has had a profound effect on society. Consumers are moving from analog to digital in everything from cellular technology, to televisions, to music players. Following our corporate philosophy of TM-1 (To the Market 1st), it is important for us to provide the very latest technology innovations ahead of the market requirements. Topcon is leading the industry by providing the most advanced technology with the digital UHF version of the GR-3”.

He said, “Customers who invest in the GR-3 for their businesses will receive a system that is unmatched from a performance standpoint; the instrument provides additional value by being built to last a lifetime. The addition of the UHF radio shows that Topcon will continue to enhance its product line to fit the needs of our customers.”

Referring to the GR-3, Williamson said, “GNSS technology won’t outpace it and everyday use and abuse won’t break it. The GR-3’s unprecedented toughness combined with its all-digital design and all-inclusive satellite tracking capabilities means it is quite possibly the last geodetic receiver a user will ever need.”

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