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Topcon acquires agricultural technology company NORAC

US: Topcon Positioning Group has acquired NORAC Systems International, developer of ultrasonic sensing and boom control technology for agricultural equipment, in a private transaction. Ray O’Connor, president and CEO of Topcon Positioning Group, says, “For more than 40 years, NORAC has created innovative solutions to improve efficiency on the farm. Its automated boom height control technology has transformed the use of agricultural sprayers. We are excited to unite with another precision agriculture leader, especially one that has established its leadership in a way that mirrors the growth of Topcon — by being the first to bring best-in-class technology to the market.”

NORAC’s current product line includes systems to maintain a spray boom height above the top of the crop or the ground to ensure optimum application of needed fertilisers and plant protection products. Bill Strelioff, president and CEO of NORAC Systems International, says, “NORAC and Topcon have collaborated well in numerous precision agriculture development projects and know that our synergistic technologies and distribution channels make this a great fit. But just as importantly, we recognise that our company cultures are very closely aligned. That’s the real key to multiplying the benefits of this union.”

Source: Topcon